The Droz Difference

Unique, Collaborative ‘Four Step Process’

Droz Marketing has refined a suite of solutions specifically tailored to help companies grow and prosper. The firm consults with businesses and organizations, developing marketing plans, communications, branding and web/digital marketing strategies to accelerate revenue growth.

Each solution is specifically geared to help businesses solve a set of problems – with measurable, manageable outcomes to create awareness, retention and long term profitability. In all our solutions, we focus on four critical themes:



MAP: Strategic Marketing Action Plan


PURPOSE: Define the branding and general strategies and tactics that will differentiate an organization in its market toward achieving measurable goals.

PROCESS: The Droz Marketing MAP Process builds consensus around the key challenges, positioning issues and marketing strategies/tactical solutions it takes to win in your market. There are four stages to MAP process:

INTERNAL VIEW. Organizational goals and current brand are clarified through internal audits, customized questionnaires and interviews with key stakeholders

EXTERNAL VIEW. Competition customers and channels are understood through market profiles and positioning analysis.

SYNTHESIS. Findings are reviewed, analyzed and prioritized.

BUDGET & SCHEDULE. Solutions are documented and presented to the organization through budget estimates, schedules and implementation plans.



MESSAGE: Telling Your Story


PURPOSE: Your value as an organization is expressed through your narrative, the underlying story you tell in all of your marketing communications that defines the problems you solve, the methods you use, the solutions you provide in the form of services and industry specialization and the benefits you deliver.

PROCESS: Droz Marketing employs an evidence-based narrative model, integrating the core elements of narrative that make your case by tying your services and solutions directly to a set of problems you can solve. There are four stages to the Message Process:

PROBLEM. What are specific pain points? How much are they costing? What are the consequences of not dealing with them?

SOLUTION. What is your “secret sauce’, the unique component of your product or service that gives you the edge over your competition?

BENEFITS. The specific advantages your “secret sauce” allows you to deliver – cost, quality, performance.

NEW BLISS. The ensuing differentiation that elevates your offering, creates a position of market leadership and lowers customer resistance.



BRAND: Creating an Organizational Persona & Brand Architecture


PURPOSE: A brand is your organizational ‘personality,’ embodying your values, voice and visual identity to differentiate and position you as a market leader.

PROCESS: Droz Marketing defines successful branding as a continuous engagement with client audiences. There are four integral stages to our Brand Process:

VISION. Why you do what you do. The problems you solve. The benefits you deliver.

SERVICES. How you deliver solutions through your products and services and how they solve problems.

VISUAL IDENTITY. Your voice, expressed visually through logo, taglines, identity standards and other visual elements.

APPLICATION. How your brand is applied in all the materials and methods you use to promote your differentiated brand and position in the market.





PURPOSE: Whether it is a visual identity, website, collateral, video production or promotional materials, unique visual and interface design is the fundamental building block of a meaningful, memorable and sustainable brand.

PROCESS: Droz Marketing has pioneered the concept of “Design Thinking”, creating a systematic method for clear, appropriate and innovative design applications. It has been recognized by numerous peer and professional organizations for leadership in design, based on our IDEA model which integrates four phases of design:

INVESTIGATION. A design problem is defined and a broad range of options are created.

DEVELOPMENT. Options are refined toward more nuanced solutions.

EVALUATION. Assumptions are tested, whether through A/B testing or other methods.

APPLICATION. Adjustments are made prior to production to adapt to evaluation.


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