The New Year is a good time to develop good marketing habits. Here are 10 Simple Marketing Resolutions to Recharge Your Marketing for the new year!

  1. Give Out More Business Cards. The most natural way to give someone a business card is to ask for theirs. Tit for Tat. Start with 10 a week and progress to 20.
  2. Add 20 Names To Your Contact Database Every Week. By the end of the year, that’s over 1000 new contacts. (These can be from the business cards you collect).
  3. Start a Blog. Blogs make it easier for search engines to find you, give people something to read when they find you and provide a great platform for creating connections.
  4. Join a Networking Group. Professional organizations or other networking venues provide a great foundation for creating referrals and prospects.
  5. Send a Newsletter. Creating a printed or outbound (online) newsletter or bulletin allows you to keep in touch with prospects, clients and referral sources.
  6. Eat Lunch. Take a prospect, client or referral source to lunch once a week. This is a great opportunity to cement relationships, develop referrals and tap more business.
  7. Toot Your Horn. Send press releases to print and online media when you do something special, add a staff member or introduce a new product or service.
  8. Write Notes. When you meet someone or if someone sends you a lead, write a note. A real one, not an email. And be sure to enclose your card. (see #1)
  9. Return Calls. The easiest way to frustrate a client or prospect is to postpone a call back. Return calls the same day.
  10. Call Droz. These are just the beginning. Droz can help you Recharge! your marketing program to drive down cost, increase sales and create a pipeline of new business.

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