Sure, people say a change will do you good, but when it comes to actually changing, it’s just not that easy. People are actually hard-wired to resist change. That is what makes marketing so challenging. You are either trying to get people to try a completely unknown product or service, or asking them to move from the established provider to you, the great unknown.

The most common reason for resistance: the potential value is counteracted by a perceived risk or switching cost. Irresistibly is the condition you create through strategic marketing to reduce risk and increase the perception of value. Eight “Rules to PERSUADE” can help reduce buying resistance that leads to easier and faster commitment.

The 8 PERSUADE Principles
Marketing is the process of diffusing the natural resistance that prospects and customers have for committing to a decision to act, whether that’s picking up the phone, going to your Web site, or making a commitment to buy. To create a ‘Condition of Irresistibility,’ marketers generally employ one or more of 8 strategies for reducing resistance, thereby increasing the propensity to PERSUADE:

  1. Pain Principle
  2. Endorsement Principle
  3. Reframing Principle
  4. Steps Principle
  5. Unavailability Principle
  6. Appearance Principle
  7. Dollars and Cents Principle
  8. Exchange Principle

To learn more about how you can incorporate the 8 PERSUADE Principles, click here.


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