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Companies dealing with increased competition, declining margins and slow growth continue to struggle with how to generate more business. In this and in future blog entries, we look at the triumvirate of strategies for creating differentiation, value and commitment for your products and services:

Marketing is the process of differentiating your product or service and creating a predisposition to buy it through a combination of research, branding, message development and promotional strategies and tactics that deliver the message to your target audiences.

Design is the process of adding value to a product or service by defining the relevant attributes and emotional cues that make them desirable, useful and usable and is delivered through a combination of user research, prototyping and testing.

Sales is the process of reducing resistance to commitment on the part of a prospect so as to make it easy for them to agree to buy your product or service and is accomplished by identifying needs or ‘pain’ that you can address and gaining agreement on your ability to satisfy their need.

This information is based on research on best practices and experience based on over 27 years of consulting for a variety of organizations. We’re interested in your thoughts and ideas that can augment these ideas, so feel free to add your own comments and suggestions. For more detailed information on these topics, contact us or visit our Web site for additional materials and explanations.


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