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How to Attract, Convert & Transform Strangers Into Customers

Every day, millions of small business owners, perhaps like you, wake up to face the challenges of getting and keeping customers. And, increasingly, you’re hoping your website can help. But, more often than not, very few prospects show up. And when they do, even fewer call, buy or even leave a trace of their visit. It can be downright frustrating. The reason isn’t because the sites don’t have lots of facts about what you do and how you can save customers time, money or worry.

In fact, most sites do such a good job of explaining what they do that visitors often get all the information they need to decide you’re not the right company, product or service for them. So much for facts. The sad fact is, facts about what you do isn’t the most important thing to get people to ACT: Attracting them, Converting them and Transforming them into brand advocates. In saying that facts aren’t important, I’m not implying that you should not use facts nor should you misrepresent anything on your site. Just, that there’s a lot more to getting people to take action than talking about all the facts of your business. This book illuminates some of those things – to get people to ACT.

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Fellow Travelers

Four Decades of Droz Family New Year’s Postcards

FOUR DECADES IN THE MAKING! For the past four decades, the Droz Family has conducted an annual ritual — taking a New Years picture on a road or highway with a route number that corresponds to the coming New Year.

Our family has written a book chronicling this on-going tradition. It is the compilation of the entire postcard collection – with contributions from each family member, the story behind each card, out-takes, additional photos and much more.

The project was initiated in 1979 at the intersection of Interstate Routes 79 and 80, north of Pittsburgh, PA. This book, a unique chronicle of a family’s growth over 36 years, is the first compilation of the entire collection of these post cards with contributions from each family member, the story behind each card, out-takes and additional photos that show the process of making these images.

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