The Components of a Strong Message

Once you’ve got your claim, you need to get across three other things in an ad:

The Solution. How your product or service solves a problem. This is how you engage your prospect or reader. It’s where you can showcase your difference by focusing on how the unique features, processes or ingredients in your offering really work.

The Benefits or Outcomes. Once you’ve demonstrated how you can solve one or more problems, there may be other benefits, including fulfilling other needs or service requirements. What do they get when you’ve solved the problem. Peace of mind? Security? More sex? Customers need to know the outcome.

Call to Action. What do they do next. Frequently, there’s some kind of line like, “Call us if you’d like more information.” But, if you had a free guide, a CD or DVD or article on a website, you’ve got an ‘offer.’ Offers are incentives to action and that’s what you want people to take once you’ve convinced them you have a unique product or service that can solve their problem and deliver a tangible result.


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