facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ The biggest marketing problem that most businesses face is differentiation. No matter how unique you think you are, your prospects and customers have many choices, and often can’t see noticeable differences between you and your...

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Progressive Selling

facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Because perceived risk is one of the greatest obstacles to the decision to buy, gradual thresholds make it easier to gain confidence and reduce risk in the mind of the prospect. “Starting Points,” therefore, become an important element...

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facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Five Techniques for Generating Referrals Who is a referral source? Anyone. Every past and current client, every staff member, every friend, relative and social contact, every professional and supplier… is a potential referral source....

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facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Five Prospecting Techniques Prospecting refers to the process of creating awareness, interest and motivation directly with prospective customers without intermediary referral sources. Prospecting tactics include networking,...

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Making Services Tangible

facebook Twitter Youtube Google+ Service providers face a unique problem in that the deliverable is intangible or ‘invisible.’ Unlike tangible products, invisible products are impossible to ‘test drive.’ Harry Beckwith, in his 1997 book, Selling the Invisible, defined...

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